Welcome to our blog. Since October, 18th, 2012 we have been posting everything which has to do with our wonderful adventure in the Comenius Project “I can see. I can hear. I can SPEAK”. We share it with our partners in Turkey, France, Norway and Slovakia. We want to thank all our visitors since then and also, in advance, the new ones we are waiting for. Have a look to our photos, comments, news, etc… and share with us this amazing experience!

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Comenius Tegueste Team wishes you all the most incredible and sunniest summer you can enjoy! After this hectic year visiting Norway and France we all deserve this break. In September we will come back to our blog to show you a visual summary of our projec. Meanwhile…ENJOY YOUR SUMMERTIME!


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As time goes by and our Comenius Project ends, our memories come back. We spent a wonderful time in April 2013 when we received our partners from Slovakia, Norway, Turkey and France in Tegueste. One of our students, Miguel Rodríguez, edited this video we took to Norway (September 2013) as a way to remember this incredible week we all enjoyed here.
Now we invite you to click on this link and enjoy with us those amazing days.

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It was great news when I was told that I was going to travel to France. To be honest I wanted to go to Norway because I got really attached to my Norwegian partner, but after the Comenius week in France I realized if I had gone to Norway I wouldn’t have met all the amazing people in Revin. I wasn’t really nervous about my host family because I had already met my partner in Tenerife and I was sure his family would likewise be great. I felt comfortable all the time with them and I really enjoyed my stay there so I can consider them my French family. We met a lot of awesome people from different countries and I was upset we couldn’t stay in Revin for one more week because I’d love to spend more time with them. Anyhow, I have many good memories of that trip and I hope so hard it wasn’t the last time we meet.

(Javier Navarro)


“Hi! My name is Edgar and I went to Revin, in France, with the “Comenius Project” last March. We went to visit Belgium and we saw the “European Parliament” and other important places. My partners, there, were fantastic people and they were very interested in me. It was really a great experience!
(Edgar Cedrés)


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This is the video we could record during the performance our students did in Revin in the final show organized by our French hosts. Every country had a task to contribute to this final closing. Ours was “telling stories” and we decided to talk about legends from our past. Helped by Fernando, one of the Music teachers at IES Tegueste, we prepared a performance with music, storytellers and images. We congratulate our students for their good job they did.

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Our students talk about the trip to Revin.

Hello, I’m Pablo and I’m going to talk about my Comenius experience in Revin, France. When I arrived I was very nervous because I had never done a trip like that. The first two days I felt strange, but then, the next days when I started to get used, it was very good because I talked with other Comenius students and we did a lot of activities. The best day, for me, was when we went to Belgium. The city and the European Parliament were amazing. The worst day was when we left Revin, because we probably won’t go there again. This trip was amazing: we could practice English, talk to other people from other countries and learn about a new country!

(Pablo Concepción Palomar)


In my Comenius trip to France I liked a lot of people I met there and, of course, my partner, Léa and her family. One of my favourite activities was our trip to the lake where we rode the segway and saw a beautiful landscape. I loved being there. I also loved our trip to Belgium where I could see beautiful shops and other places… But the best was meeting new people, people like me and make new friends around the world.

 (Dácil Castellano Jorge)


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This is the video our Norwegian partners took to Revin to remember our stay in Trondheim in September 2013. Have a look to these “HAPPY” images. You will enjoy them!

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The first week of April 2014, some of my mates, my teachers and I went to France within the Comenius Project. It was the last trip of the whole project, but it was awesome. At first, I was a little bit worried because I almost didn’t know anything about the family which was going to host me. But when I met them, I realized that they were very kind, so I feel very lucky for it.

About the activities we did during the week, I can´t say anything negative. Obviously, there were some problems, but in general, everything was fantastic. Visiting the European Parliament is one of the most interesting things I have ever done and I bet I will ride another segway some time in the future. The day we had to leave was really hard. During my trips, the last days I always want to go home, but this time was different. Anyway, I hope I will see my Comenius friends in the future.

(Marcos González Farrujia)


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